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APA Academic Writer [formerly Style Central]

Guide to using APA Academic Writer

Overview of APA Academic Writer

An overview of the writing platform

Academic Writer is a complete online environment for teaching and learning scholarly writing. Designed to help users develop optimal writing skills, Academic Writer combines pedagogical and self-directed learning tools with advanced writing and content management technology. Combined with full integration of APA’s best-selling Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association®, Academic Writer serves as an unparalleled resource that helps students master the writing process.

Academic Writer features three independent but integrated centers for teaching and learning optimal research and writing skills:

  • Learning Center – The Learning Center equips students and instructors with a digital media library packed with hundreds of authoritative learning objects (including instructional videos, self-quizzes, samples, and more) for optimal comprehension and assessment.
  • Reference Center – Previously known as the Research Center, the Reference Center houses more than 80 forms for proper reference formatting, along with an extensive library of preformatted citations adapted from APA’s PsycINFO® database.
  • Writing Center – The Writing Center provides a structured and collaborative writing environment that features step-by-step guidance for all types of scholarly writing. Preformatted templates, context-sensitive help, and specially developed toolbars help guide writers to proper formatting regardless of paper type.

Academic Writer is a flexible and versatile, end-to-end resource created by a team of scholarly writing experts, which assures users a level of accuracy, consistency, and confidence not available from any other source.