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Academic Video Recording Policy: Academic Video Recording

William James College Policy on Academic Video Recording

William James College Policy on Academic Video Recording

For a full list of A/V policies and requirements, including event and non-academic video recording requests, please click here.

Policy: WJC does not currently offer in-house video recording or video editing services. If you need to record a live academic class or presentation, or create a sharable video for a class assignment, the following are WJC’s suggested options:           

Option 1: Contract Out

The academic department under which the recording is required will allocate department funding to hire an outside contractor for recording and post production. The academic department is responsible for hiring and paying the contractor, however the WJC Marketing department may be able to provide contractor recommendations based on the project need. Please note that the end-product video files that are created by the contractor need to be under 2GB in size if you wish to share them using WJC’s streaming video platform, .

Option 2: Self-Service

Record presentation using Anthem, WJC’s lecture capture tool. Once recorded, video can be shared with applicable parties via a permalink. Anthem can capture the presenter’s audio, screen (i.e. PowerPoint) and/or webcam (optional). Anthem comes with basic editing tools, which can be used at the recorder’s discretion.

Option 3: Hybrid Room

Live presentation is scheduled in our hybrid room which will allow for both in person (up to 10) and remote attendees (up to 50) to participate in real time. Presentation can be recorded and shared on demand, as needed. Please click here to learn more about the WJC Hybrid room.

Important note on videos that will be released publicly:

All parties must be aware that they are being recorded. When recording, a notice that the session is being recorded must be properly announced or displayed. If the recording will be shared publicly, a signed release must be obtained prior to recording. Failure to capture permission may result in the cancellation of the event, or removal from public view by WJC. Release form found here.