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Faculty Guide to Collections & Services

Overview of Psychological Testing Materials

Psychological Testing Kits

The library holds nearly 200 individual psychological testing materials for use by faculty and students. Record forms are available upon request when you check out a test kit. 

Testing materials are checked out for one week. At certain times during the semester, some testing material may be placed on reserve for a course. Courses are given priority for all testing material and, while on reserve, those kits will not be available to check out.  As such, please plan accordingly. 

Online Scoring and Administration

Online scoring and administration is available to you for classroom use. You may assign assessments for your students to take online or ask them to generate a report using the online system. The library needs several weeks' notice to set up online administrations. Please see additional information about requesting online assessments below.

CPT3/CATA Scoring Laptop

The library has three CPT3/CATA laptops that are available to check out on a first-come, first-serve basis. The laptops are checked out for a week at a time, but may be recalled if there is an urgent need.

Testing Software

Three computers in the library are loaded with a variety of testing software. You may ask students to use the software on their own time or reserve the computers for a classroom session. The software on the computers are regularly updated. See most recently updated list below.

Requesting Online Assessments for a Class

Important note about confidentiality: Assessments administered and reports generated through the library for class assignments are not considered confidential and are not compliant with HIPAA Privacy Rules. Do not use actual client data when completing online assessments.

In many cases, online assessments cost considerably more than hand scoring materials, so before requesting an online assessment for your class, first consider if hand scoring is an acceptable option. 

Requests for online psychological testing must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance. We may not be able to accommodate requests made after this time. 

WJC Library has accounts with several psychological testing publishers, giving you the flexibility to assign a variety of online assessments for your classes.

This is a list of just some of the publishers we work with. Click on the links below for information about available assessments:

The process by which assessments are administered varies. When you request online assessments or reports for your class, we will contact you to discuss the best way for students to access the materials. 

Submit this form to request online testing materials:

Reserving Physical Test Kits for a Class

Requests to reserve test kits must be received at least 4 weeks in advance. We may not be able to accommodate requests made after this time. 

The library needs ample time to ensure that we have enough copies of the tests and forms for your class. We also need to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts with other classes. 

The library holds a wide range of psychological testing materials to support our curriculum. Faculty may request that kit(s) be placed on hold for a course: either for use in classroom instruction or for student assignments. Kits placed on hold will be made available to you during your class sessions and, if needed, made available to check out only by students in your class for a set time period. We also have a wide range of scoring manuals that may be placed on reserve in the library for students to use for scoring. 

A list of psychological testing materials is available from the library. You may also search our catalog to locate specific tests.

Submit this form to request test kits be placed on reserve for your class: