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William James Library has organized temporary full access to the collection of 22 business and management journals published by Henry Stewart Publications. The collection consists of over 8,500 peer-reviewed online vocational articles, case studies and applied research written by expert practitioners and leading scholars.

The journals are used extensively in executive education programs, in assignments and for preparing students for the world of work. Subjects covered include AI, Data Protection & Cyber Security, marketing, management, finance and banking, real estate and digital business.

The Journals:

AI, Data Protection & Cyber Security:

Cyber Security Journal; Journal of Data Protection & Privacy; Journal of Digital Banking; Journal of AI Robotics & Workplace Automation

Finance: Journal of Data Protection & Privacy; Journal of Digital Banking; Journal of Financial Compliance; Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems; Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions; Journal of Securities Operations & Custody.

Management: Cyber Security Journal; Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning; Journal of Airport Management; Management in Healthcare; Advances in Online Education; Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement.

Marketing: Applied Marketing Analytics; Journal of BrandStrategy; Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy;
Journal of Digital Media Management; Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing; Journal of Education
Advancement & Marketing.

Real Estate/Property: Corporate Real Estate Journal; Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation; Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal.

The journals are a superb resource for student projects and case study discussions. They provide material faculty can set for class assignments. The collection is fully searchable.

The collection increases with each new issue of the journals, up to 1,000 additions each year. 

To get immediate access to the journals visit: Henry Stewart Publications. To send feedback to the library, please click here.