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Permalinks & The Proxy Server

Guide to linking to WJC Library Resources

Permalinks and the Proxy Server

What is a permalink and a proxy server prefix?

When sharing online content from WJC Library, it is important to keep two things in mind. First is to always making sure you are providing a permalink, also known as a permanent link. These links are intended to remain unchanged in the future preventing the dreaded broken link. Second, is to make sure the link includes the library's proxy server prefix. The proxy server prefix redirects users to the library's login page whereupon logging in the content provider is told that the user is a WJC community member and should have access to the content.

Paste the prefix in front of the permalink (ensuring there are no spaces) before sharing content.

WJC Library's proxy server prefix is


Original permalink: 
Permalink with proxy server prefix:

If you are off campus give it a try! Paste the original permalink into your browser address bar. Can you access the full text? Now paste the link with the proxy server prefix. Were you prompted to log in? Could you access the full text?

Remember to always test your links before sharing and contact the library if you have any questions.

Locating Permalinks

It can be tricky to find a permalink on a webpage. Try to avoid copying the URL from your browser's address bar as this is not a permalink and may change periodically. Instead, if you don't see a specific permalink option, look for options to share or email the content. You can also use the DOI link as the permalink.

Below is a list of our most frequently used databases. If you need assistance finding a permalink to other content, please get in touch with the library. 

Alexander Street