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(DRAFT) Permalinks


What is a permalink?

A permalink is a persistent link to an article or other piece of information found in a database. You may copy a permalink and add it to Canvas or Ares. When clicked, the link will direct the user back to the resource. From our databases, you can create permalinks to a journals, articles, books, chapters, and videos. 

Why should I use a permalink?

A permalink, also called a persistent link, is the permanent address of the content you wish to share. Even if the company's website changes, the permalink will remain the same. A permalink from a WJC database also includes a special section that identifies WJC users and prompts them to log in. Linking to a page without using a permalink will not prompt this login screen and the user might not gain access to the content.

How do I find a permalink?

The location of a permalink varies depending on the platform. Below is a list of our most frequently used databases. If you need assistance finding a permalink to other content, please get in touch with the library. 

Alexander Street (p. 3)