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Doc Project Resources

These are resources for students completing doctoral projects.

Click here for instructions on how to insert a link into your informed consent form so that participants can download the form.

NOTE: You cannot require participants to answer any questions unless you indicated that those questions would be required in your Method chapter and your informed consent (and the IRB approved your study with those questions required). You can request that participants respond to the questions (this option is under Response requirements on the left side of the screen when you click on a question in Qualtrics). Force response requires that participants answer the question before moving forward. Request response gives participants a message that tells them they did not respond to all of the questions and asks them if they want to move forward without answering.

If you are using a vignette for your study, your study will likely have this structure.  Use this as a guide when writing your Method section.  This will help you ensure you include all required parts.  This will also help you set up your study in Qualtrics.

Sample Appendices