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Doc Project Resources

These are resources for students completing doctoral projects.

Resources for Results Chapter

If you collected data using Qualtrics, you will first need to download your data. Download the data in SPSS format. Make sure you tell Qualtrics to include which vignette/condition each person received. When you select SPSS as the format, at the bottom of the box, it should say “More Options” (next to Cancel and Download). Under More Options, select “Export viewing order data for randomized surveys.” Then click Download.

If you do not have an active version of SPSS, please email to request a new key. Do this before you meet with me to review your data.

Instructions (including how-to videos) for analyzing data in SPSS are in the SPSS Instructions and Write-up Templates link on the left side of the screen.

Here are some SPSS how-to videos that might be helpful:

1. This video shows how to download your data from Qualtrics into SPSS.

To export data from Qualtrics with your randomized conditions noted:

Data & Analysis —> Export & Import —> Export Data… —> SPSS —> More options —> check Export viewing order data for randomized surveys

2. This video describes how to combine data from two columns into one column. This is helpful if you put your DV question(s) on a page with each vignette and your DV data ended up split into multiple columns. You will need to combine the data into a single column before you can analyze it.