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Academic Resource Center (ARC) Research & Writing Resources


Strong  Acceptable Need Improvement
  • Complex and nuanced argument with a clear, original, and specific thesis statement. 

  • Thorough background information. 

  • Successfully incorporates and engages counterarguments. 

  • Answers the “So what?” question. 

  • Makes an argument, but the thesis may not be clear, original, or specific.  

  • Adequate background information.  

  • May not engage enough counterarguments. 

  • Does not fully answer the “So what?” questio

  • May not make an argument or may simply state information. 

  • Does not provide background information.  

  • Does not consider any counterarguments. 

  • Does not answer the “So what?” question. 



Thesis  Thesis Statement


Categories of Argument

Categories of Argument Handout 

Brainstorming an Argument


Answering the "So-What" Question


"So What" Question Handout