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Strong Acceptable Needs Improvement
  • Provides logical and smooth transitions. 

  • Contains precise word choice.  

  • Uses concise language free of repetition and unnecessary discussion. 

  • Establishes urgency very well.  

  • Style and tone are very appropriate to an academic audience.  

  • Provides some smooth and logical transitions.  

  • Some sentences may lack precise word choice. 

  • Includes some repetition and unnecessary discussion. 

  • Struggles with establishing urgency. 

  • Style and tone may not be appropriate to an academic audience.  

  • Transitions between paragraphs are not logical or smooth. 

  • Lacks precise word choice. 

  • Includes too much repetition and unnecessary discussion.  

  • Does not establish urgency.  

  • Style and tone are inappropriate to an academic audience.  


Concise Language


Establishing Flow

Know Your Audience