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Academic Resource Center (ARC) Research & Writing Resources

Data and Your DP

Getting a Personal Copy of SPSS

Contact the IT department to arrange a personal copy of SPSS. email:  IT SPSS Request

Submitting Methodology to IRB

  • The IRB review consists of two parts
    • Application for review (can be done electronically) along with the submittal of:
      • methods chapter
      • appendices (conflict of interest form, recruitment materials, instruments to gather data)
    • Student Conflict of Interest form signed by the student and the committee chair
  • Go to the IRB site Center for Psychological Science (IRB) 

    1. go to the link for the application for administrative review, click on it to fill out the form and start the process.

    2. Go to the files on the IRB site and download the Student Conflict of Interest policy/form. Print it and have your chair sign it. You will need to submit the conflict of interest form to the IRB to complete the IRB application process.

Finding Doctoral Projects

To find previous doctoral projects:

  • Go to William James Library
  • Under quick links select doctoral projects
  • Click on "Anywhere" and select a search term (eg: author; abstract)
  • Type in the term you are looking for in the search bar (eg: military; five factor; qualitative)

Submitting Doctoral Projects

Submitting Your Doctoral Project

For formatting guidance see the DP Manuals for each academic program. Links are available in the boxes below

  1. Once your DP is approved by your committee, all Doctoral Projects are submitted to DP Submittal Administrator Matt Kramer
  2. Make an appointment to meet with Matt Kramer via email (
  3. Propose some days/times you are available to meet
  4. He will send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit the DP.

Be sure to give yourself, and your discussant, enough time to prepare your remarks for the colloquium. 

Your DP will be kept in a queue for review. The college delivers the DP to ProQuest once your degree is conferred.

Also email the DP Approval/Credit form signed by your committee members to DP Submittal Administrator Matt Kramer

Submitting the DP to Proquest/UMI


1. Create a UMI account at the Web site included in the appointment confirmation email sent by DP Submittal Administrator Matt Kramer

2. You will have a number of publishing options

  • immediate publishing or delay
  • how others may get access t o the DP (purchasing a copy or accessing a free Open Access version)



List of Subject Terms

To help researchers find the DP in the Proquest/UMI database the DP can be categorized in 2 ways:

1. Subjects (chosen from the Proquest subject terms list (see PDF)

2. Keywords: descriptions of the DP topic, psychological diagnoses, test instruments used (entered at the author's discretion)