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Channel A

Anime pitch party game.

The Anime Pitch Party Game Alpha Genesis Edition Box


In this creatively random party game, you're part of Channel A's struggle to come up with an anime series that will be the next big hit. You know what general premise the network wants, and it's up to you to stitch together a title from random words and pitch a series that will win over the fans. Will Love Ninja Z be the hit of the season, or will the network pin its hopes on Fighting Fighter Fighter EX? Play to find out!

--Description from the publisher 

Time to play: # of players: Recommended Age: 
clock indicating 30 minutes 3 or more players recommended Recommended for ages 13 and up
30 minutes 3 or more 13+
Complexity: Player Dynamic: Skill:
A head with a puzzle inside piece slightly filled with blue to indicate low complexity rating

Party hat with confetti

lightbulb inside a head for creativity
1.16 / 5 Fun, Party, Ice Breaker Creativity, Public Speaking


Channel A Additional Resources

Suggested Use:

1. Community Building

6 figures joined by a circle to indicate Community Building

2. Potential for use with clients: creativity, speaking, storytelling

lightbulb inside a head for creativity1 figure talking to another

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