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Targi Quick Info


A contest between two nomadic tribes along desert trade routes.



Unlike in other cultures, the desert Tuareg men, known as Targi, cover their faces whereas women of the tribe do not wear veils. They run the household and they have the last word at home in the tents. Different families are divided into tribes, headed by the ‘Imascheren’ (or nobles). As tribe leader, you will be trading dates, salt, and pepper to obtain coveted gold coins and advantages. If you don’t go to the merchant, you won’t be able to trade — and even worse, your opponent will. Or maybe a caravan will bring the merchandise you desire. There are many choices to consider. But don’t wait too long, the desert is harsh and you might miss an opportunity to make a deal. You can win only if you plan shrewdly and always keep some gold in your pocket

--description from the publisher

Time to play: # of players: Recommended Age:
Clock indicating 60 minutes or more Recommended for ages 12 and up
60 minutes 2 12+
Complexity: Player Dynamic: Skill:
A head with a puzzle inside piece half filled with blue to indicate medium complexity rating 1 player versus another Circle of arrows around a gear around a dollar sign to indicate strategy with money
2.34 / 5 Head to Head Competition Strategy, Card Game


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Suggested Use:

1. Community Building

6 figures joined by a circle to indicate Community Building

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