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Salem Quick Info

Salem 1692

Uncover the witches hiding among the townsfolk before they turn the town against you.


Accuse and defend your fellow townsfolk as you hunt down the witches of Salem. Act fast, before conspiracy turns you against your own.

The year is 1692, and it is a perilous time to live in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. One wrong step, or one misplaced accusation, and you could be the next witch to hang. "Salem" takes players into this perilous world and lets them re-live the tension, politics, and religious extremism that still has people talking about it 300 years later.

The game is packaged in a faux book box that closes magnetically. The game, disguised as a worn out leather book, can easily hide on your bookshelf and masquerade as an antique.

Players can play as prominent villagers from the old Salem town, and even read their bios in the instruction manual. The servant girl Mary Warren, pastor Samuel Parris, farmer John Proctor, storyteller Tituba, and beggar Sarah Good are some of the 12 characters featured in the game.

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Time to play: # of players: Recommended Age:
clock indicating 30 minutes 2 or more players recommended Recommended for ages 14 and up
20 to 40 minutes  2 to 12 14+
Complexity: Player Dynamic: Skill:
A head with a puzzle inside piece half filled with blue to indicate medium complexity rating arm wrestling to indicate light competition between players circle of arrows around a gear to indicate strategy
2.05 / 5 Light competition Light Strategy, Social Deduction


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