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Dead Money Quick Info

Dead Money

A quick-playing card game, a wacky cross between poker and Give Me The Brain.


It's the Old West, and you find yourselves working at Friedey's, the watering hole of the damned. You're the last few payers in a poker game you're not allowed to win. Now lose all your money as fast as you can, while everybody else is trying to do the same. Oh, and you'll probably need the Brain.

There are eight Brain cards in the deck, and the rest of the deck is Job cards that may or may not require a Brain. Each Job card is also a bidding card: the deck is made of two complete poker decks, and players bid for the Brain by playing complete poker hands. Bidding isn’t a great way to get rid of cards, though, because each bid card you play can make you draw one or two more! 

--description from the publisher

Time to play: # of players: Recommended Age:
clock indicating 15 minutes 3 to 6 players recommended Recommended for ages 10 and up
20 minutes 3 to 6 10+
Complexity: Player dynamic: Skill:
            A head with a puzzle inside piece slightly filled with blue to indicate low complexity rating                  arm wrestling to indicate light competition between players          2 playing cards
1.39 / 5 Light competition

Betting, Bluffing


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